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Directiva GUCHOS 2006
Presentamos nuestra nueva directiva elejida en la XI Reunión.

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XI Reunión Grupo Chileno de Usuarios Horizontes
Reunión llevada a cabo en la Universidad de la Serena, los días 5 y 6 de Enero del 2006 en la cuidad de la Serena, Chile.

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English Summary


President: Mrs. Marie Louise Boré.

Vice President: Mrs. Virginia Figueroa.

Secretary: Mr. Claudio Díaz.

A Brief History of Horizon in Chile

The first Chilean institution implementing Horizon was the University of Talca, in June 1995. This regional university acquired PAC, CAT and CIRC modules running under a WinNT server.

Many other institutions became Horizon users since 1995, mainly universities and a few public institutions like our Library of Congress and government organizations. The biggest Horizon client in Chile is the Library of Congress, with all the modules implemented in 50 clients and hundreds of online catalogs under WUI and CHUI.

In January 2001, many Chilean clients started their updating projects to the version 5.3 of Horizon library system. With the support and assistance of Macrotec, local distributor for Latin America, in the period January to March 2001, at least six institutions succeeded in their modernization processes, including in most cases the complete renovation of their servers and clients. Examples of the institutions with 5.3 are: Universidad Diego Portales (, Universidad Andres Bello (, Universidad de La Serena ( and Universidad Catolica del Maule ( Some Horizon clients are implementing WebPAC to provide their users access to Horizon databases through the WWW.

Our Meetings

1st meeting : June 1996. Place: Universidad Federico Santa María. Valparaíso.

2nd meeting : September 1996. Place: ENDESA Library. Santiago.

3rd meeting : December 1996. Place: Universidad Andrés Bello. Santiago.

4th meeting : April 1997. Place: Universidad Diego Portales. Santiago.

5th meeting : November 1997. Place: Universidad de Talca. Talca.

6th meeting : April 1998. Place: ENDESA Library. Santiago.

7th meeting : October 1998. Place: Universidad de La Serena. La Serena.

8th meeting : 15-16 November 2001. Place: Universidad Católica del Maule. Talca.

9th meeting : 21-22 November 2002. Place: Universidad Católica del Maule. Talca.

10th meeting : 21-22 November 2003. Place: Universidad Austral de Chile. Valdivia.

11th meeting : 5-6 January 2006. Place: Universidad de la Serena. Serena.


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